FAQS: Nebraska and Iowa Pawn Shops

You have most likely seen advertisements for local pawn shops on TV, billboards, and the radio, but like many Lincoln residents, you may have some misconceptions of what a pawnshop truly is. You might worry pawn brokers are out to scam you out of your money by charging high interest rates and making unfair exchanges.
At Express Pawn, we want to put any negative impressions about the pawn shop industry to rest. Pawn shops have been in existence for decades, but they have become especially popular with today’s economy as a place to obtain easy, hassle-free collateral loans. Let’s look at some basic facts and commonly asked questions to help you see why Express Pawn is the right choice to buy and sell goods and for alternative loan options.

How Do Licensed Pawn Shops Work?

Selling New and Used Merchandise: If you have recently done some spring cleaning and don’t feel like going through the hassle of having a garage sale, Express Pawn will be happy to help you sell your new and used items that you no longer want or need. We know that there are often items that you need to part with, but they still have great value to you. We’ll make certain to offer you a fair price so you feel comfortable with every exchange.

Buying New and Used Merchandise: If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to find unique gifts, tools, electronics, and more, Express Pawn everything you need all in one location at prices that will put the mall to shame. Our meticulous pawn brokers thoroughly inspect our merchandise to ensure it is of the highest quality. All of our goods have been appraised professionally and approved for sale at the most reasonable prices around. We carry the widest, most unique inventory of all the local pawn shops in Iowa and Nebraska, and we’re certain you’ll be beyond satisfied with your purchases.

Collateral Loan Services: Bring in personal items and we will have them professionally appraised to provide you the highest and best possible offer for your goods. We will take your item as collateral and give you an instant loan with no credit check, bank account, or co-signer necessary. You can choose to pay the loan back and collect your item within a specified time-frame or let us keep and sell it. This is a great way to get cash quickly and confidentially with no risk of overextending credit or legal penalties. Our interest rates on collateral loans are some of the most reasonable and competitive in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

FFL Transfers: Express Pawn is licensed to buy and sell firearms in the states of Nebraska and Iowa. We also offer FFL transfers, which allows our customers to purchase firearms in other states and have us transport them legally across state lines directly to our stores. We charge a flat rate of $25 for firearms to be transported from anywhere in the United States, and you can pick up your firearm from one of our locations in Grand Island, Lincoln, or Ames.

Are Pawn Shops Trustworthy?

You might not realize that pawn shops are highly regulated by the government to ensure that all loan transactions and exchanges are legal and incredibly secure for both the pawn broker and the customer. Express Pawn employees are passionate about serving the Lincoln community with the highest integrity and regard for customer satisfaction. Express Pawn shop is locally owned and operated making us exceedingly familiar with the needs of our Lincoln clients.

You May Be Wondering…

Can I return my purchased items?
Yes! Express Pawn has a flexible return policy. If you are unhappy with your purchased item, bring it back within 3 days for a full refund. If you return the item after 3 days, you may still receive store credit.

What is the interest rate for a collateral loan? How large of a loan can I receive?
We charge a low interest rate of 20% and you have 4 months to repay the loan. We also grant loan extensions and there is no penalty if you choose not to repay and let us keep the item. There is no minimum amount on loans we provide and we can also provide loans over $1,000 for a reduced interest rate.

What are the requirements for a collateral loan from Express Pawn?
If you wish to receive a collateral loan from Express Pawn you merely need to be 18 years of age and bring a valid state issued ID, driver’s license, or US passport.

What kind of items can I sell to Express Pawn?
We accept a wide variety of items including jewelry; firearms; precious metals and coins; tools, antiques and collectibles; musical instruments; electronics; and more! We appraise items’ worth on the demand for the item, market value, condition, and age of item. The appraisal process is done in the store right in front of you, and you receive cash on the spot!

Now that you are familiar with how pawn shops work, come on over to the professional and trustworthy pawn brokers at Express Pawn, and see what amazing deals and loans we can offer you!

“Come in with your valuables and leave with something valuable at Express Pawn!”