Buy Antiques and Collectibles in Lincoln

With the rise of shows such as Pawn Stars and the increasing popularity of vintage styles and collectible relics, there is a high demand for pawn shops that buy and sell antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia. Come to Express Pawn in Lincoln to find one-of-a-kind relics, antiques, or collector’s items to add to your collection or give as a unique gift to someone special in your life.
Express Pawn buys and sells military relics, vintage watches, collectible coins, and countless other rare treasures right here in your own Lincoln backyard. If you have outgrown collecting trading cards or want to sell antiques to get fast and easy money, bring your collectibles to Express Pawn for an appraisal from one of our seasoned pawn brokers to see how much your treasures are worth. If you are looking for rare stamp collectibles or other memorabilia to complete your collection, Express Pawn just might carry that elusive item you can’t find anywhere else!

Why Buy Antiques and Collectibles from Express Pawn?

If you have never been to any of Lincoln’s local pawn shops, you might not realize that pawn shops are highly regulated by the government to ensure that all loan transactions and exchanges are legal and incredibly secure for both the pawn broker and the customer. We thoroughly inspect all collector’s items and antiques to make certain they are authenticated and reasonably priced. Express Pawn employees are your fellow Lincoln friends and neighbors who are passionate about serving the Lincoln community with the highest integrity and regard for customer satisfaction. Here’s how you can find your own rare treasures or get easy money by buying or trading your antiques and collectibles at Express Pawn:

Buy Antiques & Collectibles

At Express Pawn, we take the difficulty out of searching for those hard-to-find antiques and collectibles by inspecting our merchandise to ensure it’s “the real deal.” Our helpful sales associates make sure the store is organized so you aren’t stuck sifting through junk, like in many antique stores. We are choosy about the items we carry, and will not accept collectibles and memorabilia that aren’t in great condition. There’s no need to drive all over Lincoln to garage sales or compete in bidding wars at antique auctions. Come to Express Pawn where you can find one of the most unique selections of antiques, relics, collectibles and memorabilia all in one location. See for yourself what kind of treasures you can discover at Express Pawn!

Collateral Loan Services for Antiques & Collectibles

Bring in personal items, such as antiques, memorabilia, and collectibles, and we will have them professionally appraised to provide you the highest and best possible offer for your goods. We will take your collectibles and antique items as collateral and provide you with an instant loan with no credit checks, bank account, or co-signer necessary. You can choose to pay the loan back and collect your antiques within a specific time-frame or you might decide to let us keep and sell your memorabilia. Either way, this is a great way to get cash quickly and confidentially with no risk of overextending credit or legal penalties. Our interest rates on collateral loans are some of the most reasonable and competitive in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

We Buy & Sell Vintage & Collector’s Items Such As:

Vintage Watches and Jewelry
Military Antiques
Antique Furniture and Appliances
Stamp Collectibles
Baseball Cards and Other Trading Cards
Collectible Toys
Collectible Coins
Sports and Film Memorabilia
Collectible Dolls (Barbie, American Girl, etc)
Disney and Coca-Cola Collectibles
Collectible Art
Stop in to Express Pawn in Lincoln and see our wide selection of antiques and collectibles. Whether you’re buying, selling, or trading, we’ll do our best to make sure you won’t leave empty handed!

“Come in with your valuables and leave with something valuable at Express Pawn!”