FFL Dealers in Grand Island

If you’re from Grand Island or any of the surrounding Nebraska and Iowa communities, there are many pawn shops with guns for sale, but it’s hard to know whether these pawn shops have taken the proper legal steps necessary to be a licensed gun dealer. Express Pawn employees are licensed by the states of Nebraska and Iowa as Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers, so you can rest assured that any guns for sale have been obtained legally and are thoroughly inspected to maintain compliance with all Nebraska or Iowa safety regulations. Having our FFL license is a great benefit to all potential firearms purchasers because not only can you be certain the firearms for sale are legitimate, but this also allows us to further serve your needs with FFL transfers.

How Do FFL Transfers Work?

If you have already been to Express Pawn and couldn’t find the exact gun you are looking for, our pawn brokers will continue to assist you in your search until you are completely satisfied. There are certain instances where you might be visiting another state and find the perfect classic firearms you were unable to obtain in Grand Island. Perhaps you tried to buy guns online, but none of the specific models are available in Nebraska. Transporting a gun across state lines is a difficult process, but with the help of the FFL dealers at Express Pawn, we make it completely legal and stress-free. FFL transfers allow licensed firearms dealers to transport firearms across state lines to licensed gun owners in Nebraska or Iowa. For only a small fee of $25, we will help you order your hard-to-find firearms and have them shipped directly to Express Pawn in Grand Island. FFL transfers from Express Pawn makes any gun purchase as stress-free as buying groceries!

How Much Do FFL Transfers Cost?

We offer FFL transfers at rock-bottom rates. It only costs $25 to have your gun transferred from any state directly to our Grand Island location. FFL transfers eliminate the need for worrying about various firearm transportation requirements, and think of the time and money you’ll save by not having to travel to pick up your guns! If you have additional questions about FFL dealer requirements or FFL transfers, contact Express Pawn today. We will help make your firearms purchase a breeze!