Buy Used Musical Instruments in Grand Island

Do you have a budding musician in your Grand Island home dreaming of shredding on the guitar? Are you looking for a violin for your child’s orchestra class, but don’t want spend loads of cash on a new instrument that they may lose interest in next year? For either situation, Express Pawn is the place for you. We trade, buy, and sell gently used musical instruments of all varieties, as well as musical instrument parts and accessories. We have proudly served the musicians of Grand Island and surrounding areas for many years, providing the highest standard of quality. You’d never know that you’re purchasing used musical instruments or music equipment!

Why Buy Used Musical Instruments at Express Pawn?

If you have never been to any of Grand Island’s local pawn shops, you might not realize that pawn shops are highly regulated by the government to ensure that all loan transactions and exchanges are legal and incredibly secure for both the pawn broker and the customer. Express Pawn employees are your fellow Grand Island friends and neighbors who are passionate about serving the Grand Island community with the highest integrity and regard for customer satisfaction. Here’s how you can make easy money by selling or trading your antiques and collectibles with Express Pawn:

Buy Musical Instruments

We make it easy to find the perfect top-of-the-line, cheap musical instruments right here in Grand Island. At Express Pawn, our used musical instruments are thoroughly inspected by our expert pawn brokers to ensure that the instrument will function as good as new. We provide the highest quality at the lowest prices in the Grand Island area. When you buy musical instruments from Express Pawn, you will also receive our fantastic 3 day quality guarantee –just to make sure you truly love your new musical instrument. Whether you are in need of cheap musical instruments to start your musical career, or a seasoned pro in search of top musical instrument brands without the astronomical retail prices of traditional music stores, Express Pawn has such a wide variety of gently used musical instruments to suit your needs.

Collateral Loan Services for Musical Instruments

Bring in your used musical instruments, parts, and accessories, and we will have them professionally appraised to provide you the highest and best possible offer for your goods. We will take your musical instrument as collateral and provide you with an instant loan with no credit checks, bank account, or co-signer necessary. You can choose to pay the loan back and collect your musical instrument within a specific time-frame or you might decide to let us keep and sell it. Either way, this is a great way to get cash quickly and confidentially with no risk of overextending credit or legal penalties. Our interest rates on collateral loans are some of the most reasonable and competitive in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Express Pawn Serves Grand Island Musicians in Need of:
• Guitars: Acoustic, Electric, and Bass
• Woodwind Instruments: Flutes, Saxophones, Oboes, Piccolos, Clarinets, Bassoons
• Brass Instruments / Horns: Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Tubas
• String Instruments: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bass, Banjos, Ukuleles, Harps
• Pianos / Keyboards: Electronic Keyboards, Synthesizers, Accordions, Digital Pianos
• Percussion Instruments / Drum Sets: Electronic and Traditional Drum Sets, Clavicles, Tambourines, Cymbals, Triangles, Xylophones
• Musical Instruments-Parts & Equipment: Amps, Microphones, Tuners, Mixers, Effect Pedals, and More!

Whether you are just getting started or you’re talented enough to start your own one-man-band, contact Express Pawn today to see how we can help your musical dreams come true with top-brand discounted used musical instruments!
“Come in with your valuables and leave with something valuable at Express Pawn!”